happy friday/sparkles

2 Mar

Source: photo taken by Jefra Linn  and posted on ohhellofriend

I posted this picture in honor of our decorating party tomorrow.  Holly and I are planning a little decorating party to get some of the wedding decorating projects for her wedding done.  We have to start kind of early because I have work later in the day so we decided Holly would get the coffee started and I would bring some yummy donuts.

The reason I posted the fabulous sparkle picture was because a lot of our projects include sparkles!  A couple months ago Holly and I went to a decorations store in town and stumbled upon an aisle of sparkles.  Honestly, it was one of the prettiest sights I had ever seen.  There were large jar of everyone color and size of sparkles that you could imagine.  We picked out the colors we liked and took the jars up to the counter to be weighed for our specific purchase.  And ever since we picked out the sparkles, I have been dying to start our project.  I won’t tell you exactly what we are doing with the sparkles so that I don’t spoil the surprise but I am sure I will post some pictures later.

Happy Friday everyone!

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