Dreaming of…

3 Oct

The fall season always makes me want to be at home and cozy up next to a fire with hot cocoa or take a hot bath.  Since we are “away from home” at the moment, I have been doing a lot of day dreaming of things I hope to have in my home one day instead.  Here are some of the lovely things I have been dreaming of…

– Bear claw bathtubs (isn’t the above bathroom fabulous?!)

– A fireplace with a white mantle

– Front porches

– Lush garden with a plum tree

– Wallpaper – I love this one!

These are all things that don’t really work in an apartment.  And an apartment is where we are but that is ok too.  We like where we live and I think we have made it as cozy as possible.  But, maybe one day I will be allowed to cover my walls in wallpaper, or at least just one.

Photo Source: Drummonds

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