12 Feb

after_1I am so excited to post the DIY to Ruby’s dresser today!  Jonathan and I had searched high and low for the perfect dresser and we just weren’t having any luck.  We really wanted something mid-century to match her crib but nothing was in our price range.  Then we stumbled upon this amazing antique shop in Milwaukee and there it was!  But, it was all wood and we needed something with white so that it complimented the room better.  So we took a risk and painted the drawers.  Below is the before pictures as well as some of the steps we took to get the final product.

before_textFirst we sanded the front of the drawers.


drawersNext we pulled out the drawers to tape and prepare for painting. We had to be extra careful with the taping because of the cute gold indents on the front of the drawers.

paintOnce the fronts of the drawers were painted, we left them outside to dry.

after 2And that’s it!  It was that easy!  I am so happy with the end result!


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