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geometric mobiles release!

29 May

mobile_2You guys!  I am so excited to show you the project I have been working on!  Remember that sneak peek post awhile back, well this is the final product to that project!  I am now selling custom geometric baby mobiles.classic_blush_4modern_white_1

mobile_1When I was getting Ruby’s room together before she was born, I had this idea in my head of the mobile I wanted to hang over her crib, but just couldn’t find the right one.  So I decided to make it myself.  Each mobile is made by hand with local materials. They each feature a fun gold frame and custom geometric shapes.classic_blue green_1

I have designed a few mobiles that I have listed on etsy, and there is also an option to choose your own colors to create a custom mobile to fit the exact colors of your nursery.  Below are the color options I have available.

bunched 2To see all the mobiles I am selling check out my etsy store here. I have added a link to my shop on the top right menu of my blog, and that link will take you straight to the mobiles as well.

Screen-Shot_shopIf you have any questions about the mobiles feel free to email me at or send me a message through etsy.


family pictures

30 Apr

DSC_1508Hi friends!  Today I am sharing our family pictures.  We were fortunate enough to have my sister-in-law take some pictures of us as a family of three when we visited Washington last month.  She did an amazing job of capturing our family, and I am so excited to share some of them with you!

DSC_1525DSC_1640DSC_1598DSC_1510DSC_1683DSC_1783DSC_1841 DSC_17500DSC_1533DSC_1633 DSC_1586 DSC_1472You can check out more of Laura’s photos here.

sneak peek: new project

20 Apr

shapesGood morning friends! Here is a recent photo from my instagram. I am working on a new project that I am really excited about, and I thought I would show you a little sneak peek of it. This is just a tiny glimpse of the project but once it is completed I will share all the details so check back soon!

Happy Monday!

color palette no. 20

13 Apr

color palette no. 20Good afternoon friends!  Today I am sharing with you another color palette.  I picked this image because I love the creamy pink with the pop of rich black.  And, I just want to crawl in that bed and take a nap.

Happy Monday!

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Entertaining Trick

12 Mar

sugar cookiesToday I wanted to share a quick entertaining trick with you.  If you are like me and don’t have any extra time on your hands, than any entertaining shortcuts are happily welcomed.  A fun trick I stumbled upon is when you make cookies, double or even triple the batch and put half of the dough in the freezer.  That way when you have guests over, you can just pull out your cookie dough from the freezer and throw them in the oven for quick, fresh baked cookies!

Happy Thursday!

Checking In

4 Mar

tummy time Hi!  I just thought I would quickly check in and post a picture of this cutie pie.  I am fighting a cold so I am trying to rest up during any down time Ruby gives me.  I am also drinking a lot of this.

Happy Wednesday friends!

6 Tips for Surviving A Wisconsin Winter

2 Mar

tropical-oasis1. Plan a warm vacation for January/February.  After surviving last winter (remember the horrid polar vortex?!), Jonathan and I decided to plan a tropical vacation for February. It really made a big difference on our attitude going into winter because we knew we had our vacation to look forward to.  We decided to got to Florida because it is a direct flight from Wisconsin. We had a blast, and it was a great getaway from the cold.

tropical-dome2. Get a membership to the Domes.  I have talked about the Domes a lot but they are seriously amazing!  There are three domes all with different climates: tropical, desert, rotating.  It is so nice to go walk around and feel the warm air.  Sometimes I just take Ruby there and we get coffee and just sit in the Tropical dome.

eggnog3. Drink lots of warm beverages.  Jonathan and I drink so much tea and hot chocolate in the winter. Pretty much every night we fill the tea kettle with water and pick out our drink of choice.  I almost always pick hot chocolate.  It is something to look forward to in the evening.

flowers4. Buy fresh flowers.
Because they will brighten up your home and make you happier, I promise.

warm clothes5. Invest in warm clothing. Winter lasts a really long time in Wisconsin so it is important to have the right clothing.  I bought a crazy warm coat last year that was expensive but so worth it.  I wear it every single day.  For me, I believe it is important that you invest in a coat that is both warm and cute. You want to stay warm, but also feel good in what you are wearing since you use it so much. Good boots and scarves are very important too.

image6.  Delete your weather app. (Or at least all the cities on the West Coast). This may be my number one most important tip. I could write a whole blog post on just this.  The thing is, if you are constantly checking the weather (at least Wisconsin weather) it will disappoint you.  You will be depressed about the day/week before it even starts.  You will make a predetermined judgement about the weather without experiencing the actually weather conditions.  And, I can tell you from experience this does not help you survive the winter.  I have found it is much better to just be surprised each day.  If the day happens to be nice then I can be pleasantly surprised, but if it isn’t, at least I haven’t wasted the previous day dreading the bad weather for the present day.  Also, it helps to just not know it is -5 degrees outside. This all may sound weird but I promise it helps.

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Happy Friday + Links

27 Feb

imageHappy Friday! I am so happy it is almost the weekend! Do you have any fun plans? Ours will be pretty busy because Jonathan is on call, but Ruby and I plan to get out a little and make a trip to the domes.

Here are some fun links from around the web:

How to worry less.

I’m craving these for breakfast.

Cute and comfy pajamas.

I want to stay in this treehouse in Atlanta!

I really want to make these.

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Florida Vaca

26 Feb

florida_10Good afternoon!  This week has been little crazy but I thought I would check in and post a few instagram pictures from our Florida vacation.  We had so. much. fun!  I was pretty nervous for the airplane ride with Ruby but it ended up going pretty well.  The flight to Florida started a little rocky but once we were in the air things went pretty well, and the flight attendants even gave us a free drink!  Here are a few of the photos from our trip!florida_7florida_4

We rented a town house through airbnb and it worked out really well with Ruby.  We had our own space but also access to the attached condo’s amenities.  There were two pools and hot tubs and it sat right on Miami Bay.florida_3florida_6

My favorite past time was taking drinks and snacks to the cabanas and just camping out for hours.  We took our bassinet attachment to our stroller and Ruby would just nap right there.  It was heaven.florida_9florida_11florida_12

Our other favorite thing to do was walk.  It is so cold in Wisconsin right now so we never get to take Ruby on walks.  It was fun to walk along the bay or walk to a restaurant because everything was close by.florida_5 florida_8

We already want to go back again!

Years and Years

23 Feb

Jonathan stumbled on this band the other day, and now I am obsessed with them.  Isn’t this song catchy?!  I am really into the lead singer’s voice.

I also recommend checking this song out.

What do you think?