Portfolio + New Work

9 Sep

MichelePasma_StoryIllustration_compressedHello!  And, happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Jonathan and I went for a really long walk on this beautiful trail near downtown Milwaukee on Saturday evening.  Then we ended the night at this small, candlelit restaurant where we ordered tasty drinks and played chess.  It was a magical night.

As I said last week, I have a lot of exciting news to share with you!  Today I decided I would start by sharing with you my new online portfolio!  Last year in school I was required to design a hard copy of my portfolio but not a version that would be put online.  So, I decided to take on the task of putting together my online version so that it would be more accessible.  You can view my new portfolio by clicking the new portfolio tab at the top right of my blog or you can click here.

I also wanted to highlight the above image.  This is a fun project I worked on last year that I never got the chance to show you.  The project was to design an illustration that corresponded with a specific piece of text.  I decided to illustrate a map of Paris.  To view the illustration larger you can click on the image.  You can also find this project in my portfolio.

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